Our history

Family business. It borned in 1928 under a chocolate factory, whose source data are before 1830, under the “Toro Jimenez” and “Toro Santander” families ownership.
In 1929 is registered San Enrique brand by the widow of Enrique Toro Santander (Remedios Silva Montero), validating to chocolates and mantecados. José Toro Silva (1905-1993) carried the chocolate factory from very young. It is located in the Carlos Palanca nº51 street (Virgen de la Esperanza today), when there were difficult times to manage the provision of raw materials as well as the products manufacture and distribution were done according to the available methods, from pack animals walking across the mountain ranges to wooden cars, that made the way by walking…
His worry and initiative took him to set in motion the mantecados manufacture, under the consign he had instilled from very young, consign that he fed and developed: to achieve maxim quality products based on a very hard choice of raw materials and an extremely and careful preparation, as well as a relationship with the client understood as the provision of a service.
He counted from the beginning, with the support and help of his wife, Consuelo Castillo Cejudo (1908-1988), who was the basic key, as in the phase of tuning and making good progress of manufacture, as in the searching of new and original products, which have expanded each year the range of products sold under San Enrique brand.
There were some of them that highlighted, and today it is the flagship through the wide range of available products: DELICIOSAS, a baked product whose basic ingredient is the almond, which is previously roasted and ground.
In the early years of his career, the business had a local and regional character, and was from 1951, when Jose Toro Silva began diffusing Christmas products in a national range, and searching personally for the right person to take over the distribution and selling of their products in every single city.
This colossal task was more human than commercial character because it went many times accompanied by a real work of teaching about the most basic and elemental sales tactics.
These efforts were amply rewarded in a few years, as we couldn't expect another thing with a good teaching and a good product.
Thus, from 1957, an enlargement, a reform or a improved are made each year.

Our machinery

The machinery and installations for the chocolate manufacture was object of a whole renovation and upgrade in 1922, that meant a big advantage to achieve a good quality in christmas products typical from Estepa: Mantecados, Polvorones, Alfajores and Roscos de Vino. In fact, the process of mixing and refined has provided San Enrique’s products, from the beginnings, with a highlighted texture, taste and fineness.

 The factory of Carlos Palanca 51, still working until 1975, when it was moved to Avda. de Andalusia 39 nowadays, and that has been constantly upgraded and expanded, under the direction of Jose Toro Silva until 1988, when his son, José Toro Cejudo (1944) took over. Following the line of his dad, ensures quality and care in the elaborated products, with the same spirit of overcome that his predecessors.

Nowadays it shelters the installations, in a 4700 m2 of usable area, the most modern technology in the manufacture and treatment of raw materials, from the download and pneumatic conveying, to the most sophisticated electric systems about heavy and quality control.

Health control

We have sanitary records for: “products derived from flour”, “products derived from sugar” and “products of chocolate”.

Avowed as “healthy establishment” from 1993 by the sanitary district in Osuna.

From 1996 it started the APPCC system (System Of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), and with it all the sanitary quality phases are monitored as well as it is granted that all the involved elements are sanitary monitored, from the personal, who is object of exhaustive medical awards, to the raw materials or the environment that involves the elaboration: floors, areas and ambient air.

Member of the “Ecoembes” society, with the 05933 contract number, the business is in charge of the collect and recycle of residual materials (papers and boards from the packages).

José Toro Cejudo and his wife Mª Victoria Caballero Villalba, as well as their both sons Pedro and Mario Toro Caballero, help in the business management, and ensure the familiar business continuity thanks that they are totally involved in the life of the business.